Written work including computer programs. Copyright is the right of an author to protect their work. This means that an author has the exclusive right to exploit the original work that he has created and to prevent the others to exploit his work without his permission. Law protects copyright in ALBANIA. The following works are protected by law;

  • Music works with or no text.
  • Dramatization works or the combination Music-theater.
  • Choreographic works and pantomimes.
  • Audiovisual works
  • Lessons. Speeches, predictions.
  • Drawings, pictures, sculptures
  • Architectonic works
  • Photographic works
  • Application art
  • Maps, thredimentional works, illustrations
  • Translations, transformation of folklore works.

Copyright is normally in force for a limited period of time after the author’s death. This time is 70 years. The author of a work is the first owner of the moral and economic right. Authors may protect their works by theirself or by Author Societies .