In the realm of intellectual property, our firm stands as a stalwart guardian of creators and their works. Copyright, a fundamental right, empowers authors to safeguard their intellectual creations, offering exclusive rights to exploit and control the use of their original works. Our services in Albania and beyond, ensure that the legal intricacies of copyright are meticulously navigated, protecting a diverse array of works for our clients.

Key Services:

  • Comprehensive Copyright Protection:

We specialize in safeguarding a spectrum of creative works, including written pieces and computer programs. Copyright, as the shield of the author, extends to music, dramatic compositions, choreographic works, audiovisual creations, speeches, drawings, sculptures, and an array of artistic expressions.

  • Legal Framework in Albania:

Our expertise is grounded in the legal framework that protects copyright in Albania. We navigate the nuances of the law to secure and defend the rights of authors in their creative endeavors.

Author Rights and Duration:

  1. Exclusive Rights:

Authors, as the first owners of both moral and economic rights, enjoy exclusive control over their works. This empowers them to dictate how their creations are exploited and utilized by others.

  1. Duration of Copyright:

Copyright protection endures for a specified period, extending 70 years after the author’s demise. During this time, the legacy of the author is preserved, and the economic rights are safeguarded.