Our Patent Services covers:

Overview: As a distinguished firm specializing in intellectual property, our commitment to excellence extends to our niche services, with a dedicated focus on patents and utility models. Our comprehensive Patent Services encompass a spectrum of strategic offerings, providing meticulous support in navigating the complexities of patent-related processes.

Key Patent Services:

  • National Phase Entry under the PCT:
    We facilitate a seamless transition into the National Phase of a patent under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), ensuring a strategic and efficient continuation of the patenting process.
  • Validation of European Patent Applications:
    Our expertise extends to the validation of European Patent applications, including necessary extensions, ensuring compliance with European patent Coorporation.
  • Filing National and International Patent Applications:
    We specialize in the meticulous preparation and filing of both national and international patent applications, adhering to rigorous standards and jurisdiction-specific requirements.
  • Supplementary Protection Certificate (SPC) Filing:
    Our services include the filing of Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPC), enhancing and extending the protection of patented inventions.
  • Rights/Licenses Transfer Recordation:
    We facilitate the recording of transfers of rights and licenses, ensuring that proprietary interests are accurately documented and protected.
  • Change of Name/Address Recordation:
    Our team manages the seamless recording of changes in name or address of the patent holder, ensuring that official records remain up-to-date.
  • Reinstatement of Rights Requests:
    In cases where rights may need reinstatement, we skillfully handle the filing of requests, navigating legal processes to restore patent rights.
  • Amendments in Claims Requests:
    We assist clients in filing requests for amendments in claims, ensuring that patent claims align with evolving requirements and innovations.
  • Search Procedures and File Inspections:
    Our services include meticulous search procedures and file inspections, providing a comprehensive understanding of existing patents and facilitating informed decision-making.