Our law firm offers comprehensive Trademark and Service mark services designed to protect your brand at home and abroad. From meticulous searches to strategic filings and beyond, we provide competent advice to safeguard your intellectual property.

Our Trademark Services cover:

  • Full Availability Trademark Searches:

Our seasoned professionals conduct exhaustive trademark searches to ensure the full availability of your brand. Comprehensive research lays the foundation for strategic decision-making in the trademark registration process.

  • National and International Trademark Applications:

Trust our expertise in seamlessly handling the filing of national and international trademark applications. We navigate jurisdiction-specific nuances to secure robust protection for your brand on a global scale.

  • Board of Appeal Opposition Requests:

In cases of identical or similar trademarks, we proactively file opposition requests to the Board of Appeal. Our strategic approach ensures a robust defense of your brand against potential conflicts.

  • Transfer of Rights/Licenses Recordation:

Safeguard your brand’s integrity with precise recording of transfers of rights and licenses. Our meticulous recordation processes ensure clarity and legal compliance, preserving the value of your trademarks.

  • Change of Name/Address Recordation:

Maintain up-to-date and accurate records with our seamless recording services for changes in the name or address of the proprietary. We ensure that your trademark portfolio reflects the latest information.